Saturday, 12 August 2006


Dear readers,

This blog is an extension of Home Sweet Home! where the story continues. I shall list the entries in alpha order as and when posted.

The writings on this blog represent experiences, insights and realisations I have had based on my beliefs of reality. They also serve as notes and reminders for myself. They are not meant to instruct the reader in any way. If you can resonate with my experiences, brilliant! If not, brilliant!

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Much gratitude and love to
Ben Gilberti for designing the Light fractal.


With love,

Articles in Alphabetical Order

All is Light and Light is Love
All's Fair in Love
An Fear Gorm

Be Careful What You Love
Be Like a Chair
Bonfire of Love
Breaking the Cycle: Being Myself
But the Emperor is Naked


Charity Begins and Ends at Home
Consciousness Raising




Free Willy


Gifts of Love
Going with the Flow


Have a Lovely Day!
How Love Dissolved Migraine


I am Always Here
I am Formlessness

I am Light
I am Love; All is Love
Is Love Personal or Impersonal?




Let Love Do the Work

Let Yourself Be Pampered
Life is One Continuous Beam

Love Heals, Love Restores
Love in Every Moment
Love is a Fan
Love Me Today
Love Principles

Love, the Great Motivator


More about Grace
My Calling

My Twin Soul


No Dilemmas, Only Intention
No Drama
Now is What Matters


One Mind, One Will, One Moment of Now

One Soul
Only Love



Peace that Passes all Understanding
Perfect Love
Power and Freedom



Roarger, the Lion


Seed, Fruit, or All of the Above?

Sharing the Rainbow
Solid, Liquid, and Gas
Star Quality


The Body as a Tool to Express Self

The Chapel
The Gift
The One "I"
The Time Machine

The Transmuting Fire of Love
The Work of Love
This is Your Life!


Universal Consciousness



What a Hoot!
What is Freedom?
What Seems to be the Problem?

When the End is Very Good
Who am I?
With Boundaries Yet Boundless
Who is Really in Charge?


Yeah, But...

You are Not Alone!
You are the Light of the World