Monday, 7 August 2006

Yeah, But...

As I was waiting at the Pelican crossing I saw a man on the other side teaching his son how to cross the road. He was telling his son they had to wait for the "green man" to appear, which indicates it's safe to cross the road.

Yeah, many adults pay attention to the "green man?" I know I jay-walk at any opportunity. It's a case of "Do as I tell you, but there is always a grey area."

Soon the road was clear and I walked across. The man dragged his son across. His son pointed to him, rightly so, that the "green man" had not appeared. As our paths crossed I heard the man telling his son that as the road was clear it was safe to cross over.

I reckon it's our nature as free, unconditioned, spirits that make us reluctant to follow rules. Must be pretty confusing for a kid though, being taught one thing while observing adults doing the opposite.

Such is life on the fast lane!