Friday, 4 August 2006

The Transmuting Fire of Love

Imagine you're camping. You've just built a campfire. You're going to have to sit close enough for the fire to keep you cosy and warm. Sit too far and you freeze; sit too close and you get scorched.

I'm also aware that one can be in a mental state where you're not affected by fire. You can even sit on the campfire and not get burnt. But for argument's sake, you're not a fire-walker.

When you sit close to the campfire and you feel yourself getting hotter and hotter, what's really happening is the fire is trying to transmute you into itself. Put some sausages on the fire and it will try to transmute the sausages into fire. It's up to you to gauge how long it takes for the sausages to cook the way you prefer, otherwise you'll end up losing your sausages to the fire.

You'll also observe that when you add more firewood to your campfire, eventually they are burnt out. Actually, the fire has transmuted the firewood into itself.

Now, God/Love is a consuming fire that transmutes everything in Its way into ITself. Thinking, reading, studying, talking and writing about Love/God is like sitting close to a campfire and feeling its warmth. If you want to be like the fire you're going to have to step into it. Similarly, if you want to be like Love, you're going to have to yield and step into Her flames.

What do I mean by yielding? Remember I said one can be in a mental state when you're able to walk on fire and not get burnt? Thinking, reading, studying, talking and writing about God are mental state equivalent. While your heart is in the right place you're still separated. Yielding is giving up your mental state preoccupation and freely walking into the transmuting fire of Love. Love's flames consume you until there is nothing of you but Love.

One way I yield to Love's transmuting fire is to see everything as love, no matter what the appearances. I've even made a list of everything that concerns me and see them as love. I then trust in Love to transmute all into Love.

Trust in Love and Love will show you how.

There is nothing but the Fire of Love.


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