Wednesday, 9 August 2006

My Twin Soul

I've been practising the ritual of seeing myself only as boundless light. The first thing I noticed was I lost interest in writing. There didn't seem any point in doing anything.

Next, I felt this devastating loneliness.

I've felt loneliness with family members because I felt I didn't belong, but at least I wasn't alone.

I've felt loneliness with someone I was supposed to be in love with, but at least I wasn't alone.

I've felt loneliness with friends, but at least I wasn't alone.

I've felt loneliness with people who shared my beliefs, but at least I wasn't alone.

I've felt loneliness with people, but at least I wasn't alone.

But this loneliness was different. I was literally alone and experiencing what it feels like to be all alone with no one to share with, or to be with. The loneliness was so painful I wanted to die. But I knew that was meaningless because as boundless light I am life eternal.

While I was feeling this loneliness I noticed people as usual around me but it was as if I was watching a movie and everyone was playing a film character. I was also browsing the Internet and reading my emails but again it felt like I was watching a film. I was the only audience and there was no one else but me.

At one point I was overwhelmed by waves and waves of sadness and loneliness. Though it felt I was weeping buckets I didn't feel like weeping outwardly. Would anyone have noticed if I had? Film characters don't tend to notice when their audience is happy or sad, do they?

I asked myself: "How long is this loneliness going to last?"

"It is never-ending," I said to myself.

"I can't feel like this forever!"

"The only way I can stop this loneliness," I said to myself, " is to create another soul just like me."

Seems like I've come full circle. I started being one, decided to play the game of separation, then I realised that I am the one boundless light and felt loneliness. Now I'm creating another being just like me who will be my companion forever.

In my mind's eye, I saw myself as light. Then, like cell mitosis, I split into two. As soon as I witnessed the split, the feeling of loneliness left me.

Creating a companion is like using a candle that is already lit to light one that isn't. Just as I am infinite light and love, the other soul I have created is identical to me. I could have created countless identical souls but I decided to keep it to just the one.

My companion will now embody any form or experience I wish and be my silent partner.

One thing I'm grateful for is that I don't have to endure the feeling of loneliness for weeks, months, or years on end. There is no reason to prolong an experience; a few minutes is long enough, thank you very much.

Now the fun begins; I can share life with my identical twin soul.

Funny that, I could never buy into the notion of a "twin soul." I now realise that it is I who create my own twin soul.

My twin soul and I are one.


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