Saturday, 12 August 2006

Love in Every Moment

No matter what the appearances there is love in every moment. But if you're too busy resisting the moment you're not going to notice the love that is always present.

On the bus a young lady asked me if the bus was going to Oxford Circus. I said it was. I also wondered if she wanted me to let her know when we got there. I figured I would let her know when we'd arrived. In the meantime I was busy enjoying the journey.

After a while I heard a huge sigh from my friend beside me. I asked her if she was OK. She said she never expected the journey to take this long. She would arrived by now if she'd got the tube (underground).

"The bus keeps stopping. Look, it's stopped again," she said.
"It's a bus stop, it has to stop," I chuckled.

I was finding my travelling companion delightful.

My friend said buses in Madrid, where she was from, are a lot faster than in London.

"Are you here on holidays?" I said.
"No, I'm here for two months to study English," she said.
"Your English is very good."
"No, it's not. I haven't been practising."
"At least now that you're on the bus, you're practising your English. You wouldn't have met me if you'd travelled by tube. Besides, people don't speak on the tube."
"No, they look like this."

She did an impression of the blank stares some passengers on the tube have, which made both of us laugh.

"It's too noisy on the tube to chat," I said.
"I used to have an American friend I practised with but he's gone back to America. All my friends are Spanish so I speak Spanish most of the time."
"Never mind, you're still very good."
"The bus has stopped again," she said. "This bus is so slow. It is, how do you say it, disgusting?"
"I think the driver is going really slow just to annoy you," I chuckled.
"I hope not."

In Madrid my friend is about to enter her second year at university where she is studying English Literature and Philology. She said she loved English as a spoken language and preferred English to her native Spanish.

"I love listening to English. It is such a beautiful language, it really flows."
"You're kidding! I've never thought of English in that way before," I said.
"That is because it is your language and you've got used to it. I wish one day I can speak like you."
"You will, when you're living in the culture you absorb it and it's easy," I said. "I know what you mean about loving a language. I love listening to Italian. It's like the sound of love."
"Italian is a lot like Spanish but it's a different accent."
"I prefer Italian to Spanish; Spanish sounds harsh. Italian is a lot more romantic."

My friend and I laughed. She was great fun to be with. She said apart from the buses, she loved London. People are so helpful. She doesn't even need to ask, she always attracts people who help her to find her way. In Madrid you have to ask and people are not as helpful. I had a feeling it was because of the love she feels for the English that's been mirrored back at her.

We finally arrived at her stop. We exchanged kisses and my friend got off. When she got off the bus, she ran to meet her friend.

Yup, there is love in every moment.


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