Tuesday, 11 July 2006

The Work of Love

When I first moved into the neighbourhood, I noticed one of the local shopkeepers was always miserable. He would snap at you for no reason at all. I didn't like going in the shop when he was around. The main shopkeeper, his uncle, told me his nephew was always miserable. I decided to simply accept him and love him as he was. Gradually, he mellowed until one day he smiled at me. My mother has also remarked how pleasant he is now with her and everyone. That's Love for you.

Another neighbour, who is always helping others, always looked stressed. Every time I came out of the house she would be heading towards me. It was as if I was being waylaid or something. She always wanted to speak to me about her health issues, even though I hadn't told her I had a healing background. Obviously, a part of her did know. I would listen patiently and then wish her well. One day I travelled with her on the local bus. She was upset about running late for her appointment. I told her to stay calm and be at peace. A few days later, I saw her again and she thanked me for being there for her. She said she felt a lot calmer. We've been travelling a lot by bus and we've become friends. She always thanks me for being so peaceful. Interesting enough, she recently asked me if I was a nurse because she believes I look like one.

I believe each of us has the Work of Love to do right where we are. The Work of Love helps to awaken the Love in each of us. When you remember that your nature is Love you really start living as your true self. Then can you experience Heaven on Earth.

The Work of Love is quite simple: all it takes is to love who you are, and love who you are with. Who you are with can be as large as you're prepared to go. It could be as large as your family, your neighbourhood, your community, your town, your city, your country, the world, the universe...and beyond.

Here is one way I practise love. In the silence, I think "I love you" and feel the love radiating from me like waves. If it's for a specific individual I think "I love you, XXX." If it's for me, I think "I love you Enocia."

I do not concern myself about how Love is made manifest or how Love is activated, I simply trust in Love to be revealed and unfold for the highest good.

I love you all.


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