Tuesday, 4 July 2006

What is Freedom?

"If you do not fast as regards the world, you will not find the kingdom." (The Gospel of Thomas)

What is freedom? Is it having the resources to do whatever you want without worrying about the cost? That's one kind of freedom. There is another kind of freedom that is part and parcel of being one's true identity as Light.

Over the last few months I've become good friends with a woman who uses the library frequently. Yesterday, we left together. She wanted to come with me as we were headed in the same direction. I warned her I was walking to the local town centre. She agreed to walk with me. As I was enjoying chatting to her, I offered to accompany her to do her shopping at the local supermarket. I noticed she kept looking at the ingredients on the food labels. She said she was very careful about what she bought as they all had chemicals.

It was then I remembered that I don't check food labels. I haven't done so in years. I don't care about additives, preservatives, calories, minerals and vitamins. How can I when I know that all is Love? Nothing can be added to or taken away from Love. So I eat what I love without worrying about whether it will harm me or if I'll put on weight. That's freedom!

My friend asked me if she could buy me some snacks. I declined. I told her I tend to only eat one meal a day. She said I must eat. I told her I was perfectly fine; I tend to dig into my energy resources and don't think about food. Thank goodness my mother now accepts that about me and no longer pesters me to eat. That's freedom!

After my friend finished her shopping, I walked her to the local bus station. I said I was walking the rest of the way home. She was astonished that I would consider walking 3 miles in that heat. I told her it was fun to walk. Besides, I know I am inexhaustible energy, therefore, it doesn't matter how far I walk it always feels the same, as if I've only taken one step. That's freedom!

Years ago I used to worry about the sun's rays. I remember one hot day I was out with another black friend. She bought some sunscreen. It must have been the highest factor she could find. I put some on but it wouldn't rub in. Both our arms were glowing. We had a good laugh about that. Now I know that I am Light, the sun is Light, and all is Light, I don't worry about UV rays. I even stopped wearing sunglasses years ago. That's freedom!

I also feel such compassion for my mother who has been having problems with the heat wave. I've tried to help by advising her not to think about it but that means nothing to her. She believes the weather is hot and she feels hot. I have no thoughts about hot or cold, I simply feel blissful. That's freedom!

Realising that all is Light is one thing; walking as the Light is another. I find that as I walk as the Light the beliefs I had when I used to identify myself as a body fall off like dead leaves. Now, that's freedom!

I am freedom.


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