Sunday, 30 July 2006

Solid, Liquid, and Gas

Water appears as three states: solid as in snow and ice; liquid as in oceans and rivers; and gas as in steam, hydrogen and oxygen. Though water appears in different states under different conditions, they always arise as one.

Similarly God is solid, liquid, and gas.

God is joy and joy is Light or gas; the feeling of Joy is liquid; any action taken as a result of feeling joyful is solid.

Thus, joy as light, feeling and actions (or forms) arise spontaneously as one. This means that whenever joy as Light wants to express, it comes with the whole package in place i.e. feelings and forms.

Let's say I wanted to consciously express joy. I feel myself as boundless light that is joy; then I automatically feel joyful; and my actions that follow are joyful.

Ditto, love, peace, wisdom, wholeness, order, power all spiritual attributes.

It's wonderful to know that I don't have to worry about how joy express as me, I simply need to be joy and the rest follows.

Another way to put it is God is spirit, mind and body.

Spirit is boundless light that is peace, love, wisdom, joy, etc.
Mind is the feeling of peace, love, wisdom, joy, etc.
Body is the infinite forms of peace, love, wisdom, joy, etc.

Spirit, mind, and body arise as one as do solid, liquid, and gas.

All is one.


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