Wednesday, 19 July 2006

Power and Freedom

If God is all powerful why doesn't He change the world so everyone can live happily ever after?

As there is only God, God has granted Himself the freedom to express life in infinite ways. The Lord does not give freedom with one metaphysical hand and taketh freedom away with another. Besides, this is impossible. When the One that is all restricts one aspect of creation, then all is restricted.

Last night I watched an episode of Stargate called "Absolute Power" (Episode number 417). (I'm really getting into this series). The SG1 team, who travel via the stargate to different worlds, is called to investigate a strange phenomenon, "a whirling sandstorm that seems to whisper Daniel's name." The storm transforms into a young boy who introduces himself as Shifu, the Harsesis. Daniel, who is a member of the SG1 and an expert in ancient civilization and mythology, has been looking for this Harsesis boy for quite some time because he believes he holds the genetic memory of the Goa'uld. The Goa'uld is a race that has inflicted terror across the galaxy and whom humans are terrified of. Daniel believes that if he could have access to the memory they could create technology to protect themselves from or even defeat the Goa'ulds.

The Harsesis boy decides to honour Daniel's request by letting him have his memories. Daniel loses consciousness. When Daniel wakes up he finds himself with vast knowledge which he uses to build weapons. However, all that power has gone to Daniel's head and in the end he uses it to control the world. It turns out Daniel has been dreaming. What the Harsesis boy has done is to let Daniel experience all his wisdom so he can discover if he is ready for such wisdom. When Daniel wakes out of the dream he realises that he is not ready for such knowledge and lets the boy go.

We all have access to infinite power now but are we ready for what this entails?

As I see it, with power comes freedom. Power is giving myself freedom to express life the way I believe is right at any moment. Power is accepting myself as I am in each moment. If I feel like I need help then I ask for help and I know help is always granted without judgment.

Similarly, what I allow for myself applies to all. I give everyone freedom to express life the way that is right for them, the way they know how. Someone may appear to be going in the wrong direction, as I see it, but all I can do is to love and let him do things his way. I also know help is always readily available, it's simply a matter of asking.

The moment I try to impose my will on another I've lost power and freedom. To regain my freedom I let everyone be; I let life be.

Power is not about control or being exalted over all but it's about granting freedom to all.

Power is letting myself experience life without judgment.
Power is letting others experience life without judgments.
Power is accepting each moment as it is.

I am Power and Freedom.


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