Saturday, 22 July 2006

Peace that Passes all Understanding

It's good to be in silence. I would always encourage people to practise a technique that assists in stilling the mind; meditation is one of many techniques available. I've been practising meditation for many years and I'm quite a master at it. One thing I do know is that the tangible "peace that passes all understanding" is revealed by Peace Itself not by one's efforts.

As Peace that I am, I can still think and have a conversation and it doesn't take that Peace away. How come? Because all is Peace; Peace is the thoughts, the words and the actions.

Peace is not only who I am, it is the organising principle of the universe. What do I mean by this? This Peace is the intent that makes things happen. When I wish, for example, to get from A to B, that wish or intent is Peace. Peace organises reality so I can arrive at my destination, effortlessly. From the human perspective it might appear as if I'm taking detours or there are even obstacles, but from the perspective of Peace, all is well.

This morning my mother asked me to run an errand for her which meant going on a slight detour. I figured the errand was part of my day. Just as I arrived at the bus stop I saw it leaving. Although there was another one parked at the stop, I decided to walk to the main road where I would have a choice of 3 buses. Again, I noticed another bus I wanted at the bus stop. I didn't feel like running so I let it go. Soon a woman who lives in the neighbourhood joined me at the bus stop. She said she'd been twisting and turning at home and ended up leaving later than planned. She was now running late. She wondered why drivers took such long breaks. She said they were only meant to stop for 5 minutes but some drivers do what they like. She obviously needed to let off steam so I made the right noises to reassure her she was being heard while I stayed in my peace. After she'd calmed down, she asked me if I was going to the park. I said I had an errand to run then I was going to the library, and maybe visit a park later. She said, "It's amazing how you can find peace in the park." I smiled. It's interesting how she was picking up on the theme of the day: peace.

I asked her where she was headed. She said she was going to do some last minute shopping for her holidays tomorrow. Her children have organised a trip to St Lucia, her place of birth, to visit her relatives. I remember she shared a story with me which I wrote about in an article called Coming Home. I asked her what time her flight was and what airport she was leaving from. She said she didn't know. Her kids would ensure she gets to the right airport and catch her plane.

"You sound like the Queen who doesn't worry about arrangements," I giggled.

"My daughter also found it funny," she laughed. "She said 'Mummy, what time is your flight?' I said, 'Why are you asking me? You've got the ticket. It's up to you to take me to the airport and for God to take me to St Lucia.' My daughter laughed and laughed."

"Yeah, why worry about details when you can let God take care of it for you?"

We got on the bus and we chatted some more about her holidays. Then I wished her bon voyage and got off at my stop.

So, that's why I missed two buses so I could receive this timely message from my friend. The Peace of God is like the complete trust my friend on the bus has that all is well, as far as her holiday is concerned. Peace organised the trip and bought the ticket so Peace will arrange for her to get there and take care of her needs.

When you know all is Peace you realise seemingly annoying incidents such as missing your bus, delays, traffic jams, etc are merely ways Peace organises reality so that Its intent is met perfectly.

All is Peace.