Saturday, 8 July 2006

One Mind, One Will, One Moment of Now

There is only the one Mind that we all are.

Let's say you arrange to meet a friend at 8 p.m. If something comes up for your friend, there's no way he can reach you. For something to come up suggests that he was double-minded in the first place. What do I mean by double-minded? He believes he has his own mind that is different from yours; and because he has a different mind from you, he can afford to have many options. His options open him up to other possibilities where he finds he needs to cancel your meeting. He then reaches for his mobile phone to either cancel or rearrange your meeting.

But when you know that there is only one Mind that we all share, once an arrangement has been made it is done. There are no choices. 8 p.m. is always 8 p.m. Where there is only one Mind, there is only one Will and one Intent. The One Mind ensures all parties arrive at the agreed time. How? Easy peasy! The One appearing as you is the same One appearing as your friend, therefore, you are at one. If your friend is being delayed then the One will arrange for you to be also delayed.

When you are in silence, you experience the one Mind that is the one Will, and one eternal mow.


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