Monday, 3 July 2006

No Dilemmas, Only Intention

Imagine you can achieve anything at the speed of thought. If you intend to travel from London to America, you're there in an instant. Where is the dilemma? Only because there seem to be a time lapse between intention and form do you appear to have the space to create dramas and dilemmas. In truth there are no dilemmas. Once the intention is made, Intention takes over and ensures the job is done.

For the last few weeks I've been watching a reality TV show called The Singing Estate:

"This major new four-part series follows renowned conductor Ivor Setterfield as he selects singers from the 14,000 residents of the Blackbird Leys housing estate in Oxford and transforms them into a top-notch classical choir, capable of singing in front of an audience of thousands at London's Royal Albert Hall." The Show

There was a lot of drama among the singers; some got on, others did not. The conductor gave the impression that he was afraid they were going to let him down, or so the programme had been edited.

And then there was this huge dilemma. The conductor had several singers on standby just in case. At some point two singers were competing for the one spot. Who was he going to choose? Decisions, decisions! In last night's final episode, the "dilemma" was resolved - the conductor selected all the singers, including the ones on standby. The performance at the Royal Albert Hall was excellent. Everyone was happy.

Now, let's look at what was really going on behind the scenes. By behind the scenes I'm not referring to the human realm but the Intention. The Intention was to transform the residents into a classical choir fit enough to sing at the Royal Albert Hall. The moment you put out an intention it is done and it is perfect. What we call the moment of preparation and practise is really Intention working through the various instruments to achieve Its goal. In fact there is no space, every moment is filled with Intention. It doesn't matter how much drama is created, the Intention is always assured.

If you intend to get to such and such a place at such and such a time, the Intention takes command and ensures that you get there on time. However you get there, whatever direction you choose, is all part of the plan of Intention to get you there.

How did you get the idea to get to such and such a place in the first place? The Intention of the Universe. The Intention of the Universe to express Self in limitless ways. Intention is always directing the show.

Sometimes Intention gives me an idea to have an experience which I end up writing about. I may have an idea about how the article should turn out but when I sit down to write, Intention takes over and expresses things Her way. The article or piece ends up writing itself.

When you realise that there is only Intention then every moment we define as time/space is Intention leading to Its ultimate goal.

There are no dilemmas, only intention.

With love,