Tuesday, 18 July 2006

More about Grace

While I was waiting for a bus a young lady asked me how to get to a place. She showed me a text message on her mobile phone of the place she wanted to get to then pulled me over to the bus timetable and pointed to the same place. I told her she needed two buses. She said she spoke very little English and spoke in Spanish. As my knowledge of Spanish was limited to "si senora" it was a case of "Houston, we have a problem!" But it wasn't a big deal. When the first bus arrived, which happened to be my bus, I grabbed her hand and beckoned her to sit beside me. It was only a short bus ride to the next bus station. Then I grabbed her hand and led her to the bus stop she needed. She recognised the number and thanked me for my help.

Now, I didn't care why my friend wanted to get to her destination, I only cared about helping her get there. Helping her get there no matter what is Grace in action. Grace is accepting another without judgment no matter what choices someone makes, or whether you're in agreement or not with someone's choice. Grace supports you no matter what.

I am my own teacher of Grace. It doesn't matter what thoughts I have or what emotions that come up, I always accept myself for who I am at that moment. I am also aware of the vast space in which I have my being and it is this space that gives me the freedom to have experiences, thoughts and feelings without judgments. In fact, all my experiences emerge from that vast space and dissolve into the space. This space is Grace.

When you see life through the eyes of Grace, you accept situations as they are and recognise things are always perfect in every moment of now.

I am Grace.


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