Friday, 7 July 2006

Love Me Today

This poem is by a wonderful friend. It means so much to me right now.


With love,

Love Me Today

Love me today…as you loved me last night,
Wrap me in tenderness soft as a star,
Though I am wandering far from your sight,
Let your love shine on me…still from afar.

Love me though now I have gone from your arms,
Though I can’t look on your form…or your face,
My heart is filled with the joy of your charms,
You who all other men…quickly erase.

Love me today…as you loved me last night,
Cloak me in truthfulness…tell me no lies,
Make me no promises dawn puts to flight,
Let me believe all I’ve read in your eyes.

Love me…and let your voice traverse the miles,
Echoing lovingly…as when you’re near,
Soft and compassionate…wreathed in your smiles,
Dispelling my doubts…and calming my fears.

Love me to day…as you loved me last night,
Make my tomorrows all happy and free,
In your charisma…I’m sweetness and light,
Last night…today…tomorrow…love me.

(c) Heather Clark 1986