Tuesday, 11 July 2006

Love Heals, Love Restores

A while back I felt a dear friend was a bit off with me even though I wasn't consciously aware of having done anything to upset her. When I emailed her she was very terse so I figured I would email her in silence. In thought, I told her how much I loved her and left it to Divine Love to heal our relationship. It soon went back to normal.

I've done the same with friends on message boards where I have felt there have been misunderstanding between us. I've simply loved and then trusted in Love to do the work of harmonising. Love has always put things right.

I have done the same with my mother when I've felt disharmony. I've simply loved her in silence and trusted in Love.

If you ever feel estranged from a loved one, instead of pining away and making yourself miserable, why not love instead? You are never apart from that which you love.

Love heals, Love restores.

I trust in Love.


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