Thursday, 27 July 2006

Life is One Continuous Beam

1 [no passive] ~ (sth) (at sb) to have a big happy smile on your face: [v] He beamed at the journalists. She was positively beaming with pleasure. [vn] The barman beamed a warm smile at her. His broad face beamed a hearty welcome. [v speech] ‘I’d love to come,’ she beamed (= said with a large smile). Beam

I am a beamer and proud of it.

We all have zillions of beams inside of us. While I don't always go round with a happy smile I feel my whole being beaming with love and light.

What are the benefits of beaming?

Apart from the fact that people smile back at me, even when I'm only beaming from the insides, beaming is good for me. When I beam, I am expressing all the love that I am which includes the entire universe. Yes, the "entire universe" because everything is inside of me. I then have beaming experiences of love, joy, happiness and fun, many of them amusing ones.

While I was sitting on a park bench park I beamed at this man. He sat next to me. Unfortunately, he interpreted my beam as me making sexual advances. He started talking to me about sex and asked me whether I did it for money. Did I have lots of boyfriends? Did I like oral sex? Hmmm! I wonder if it's this push-up bra I have on? I also read Deepak Chopra's Kama Sutra recently so who knows if he's picking up on this and wants to test my new knowledge about sex. Haha!

After we'd exhausted the topic I told him I was a writer.

"What do you write about?" he said.
"You don't write about religion, do you?" he said.
"Would I be sitting here talking to you about sex if I did?" I chuckled.

The experience was a first for me: I've never been propositioned by a Russian guy before. And in case you're wondering, no I did not take him up on his offer. He was very amusing to chat to though.

See, you never know how beaming is going to manifest but it's all good fun.

Here's beaming at you kids.


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