Sunday, 23 July 2006

I am Always Here

"Excuse me, where am I?"
"Where exactly?"
"You are Here."

I'm on a bus and I am enjoying the journey. All is well until I look outside and notice I no longer recognise where we are. Did I get on the wrong bus? Has the bus gone past my stop? Is there a diversion? I ask a guy beside me whether he recognises where we are. He says he doesn't but thinks the bus has been diverted for some reason. As long as it takes me where I need to go, that's all that matters. After a few minutes the bus is back on track. I now recognise where we are. The bus terminates where I need to get off. All is well.

The interesting thing was the unknown was only down the road from the known, yet it felt like I'd entered the Twilight Zone. The problem with the realm of appearances is that because it's in constant flux, life can seem chaotic. In truth, I know all is well because I am always Here.

OK, smart aleck, where and what exactly is "Here?"

Here is my real self that is pure being. Self is infinite love, power and wisdom. It doesn't matter where I am as a form, whether I'm experiencing life as a human in London on a bus or wherever, I am always Here.

I see, feel, hear, taste, and smell the world from Here.
I think from Here.
I am inspired from Here.
I experience life from Here.

No matter what the world of appearances would have me believe I always remember where I am.

I am always Here.


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