Wednesday, 12 July 2006

Gifts of Love

Each of us have gifts to offer that are a whole lot more than we could ever imagine.

Yesterday evening I had this feeling to get off the bus and walk by the river Thames and head towards the Southbank, where they've always got tons of activities going on. I had this strong feeling I was going to see an old friend who I was going to hug. In my mind's eye, I saw our hugs as two lights merging as one. It also felt like my poet/actor friend. I took my time exploring the path that meandered by the Thames, took a rest on a bench to enjoy some shade, and continued my stroll. On the way I marvelled at how a street performer could juggle four balls at the same time. Further down the path, I noticed two young men performing circus acts on the open stage in front of the "National Theatre." I joined the audience and enjoyed the show. After the show finished I had this strong feeling to head to my favourite bookshop.

Upstairs there was an event going on, the launch of this season's Poetry Review journal. These poets were the crème de la crème of British poetry, the kind of poetry that you contemplate and even study in college, not the scraping the barrel, performance poetry, kind I love and have even performed in public. I got myself some water and sat down next to this young man. I got into a conversation with him. He said he was from Hungary and here to study English. He was currently working as a doctor. It turned out we both lived in the same area. Soon his friend turned up. She's here for a few weeks also studying English. She teaches Latin and History in school back in Hungary. We sat together to enjoy the poetry. Two women poets read selections from their work. Later, while the poets were mingling, my friend and I guzzled their wine. Well, I've always been a bit of a free spirit. Ha!

I chatted to my new friends. I told them I didn't know anyone Hungarian. They reminded me of famous Hungarians like the actor, Tony Curtis, whose parents are Hungarian; actresses and sisters Zsa Zsa Gabor and Eva Gabor; and Bela Lugosi, the Hungarian actor who first played Dracula. They said Hungary was famous for paprika. I shared with them what I did in London.

Later, I went to speak to one of the poets who had read and thanked her. She asked me what my name was. As my name meant nothing to her, she thanked me and chatted to her fellow poets instead. Come on, I am the Great Enocia! Surely, you must have heard about me! Haha!

Finally, my friends and I left together but were heading off in different directions. I hugged both of them and wished them well.

One could get so attached to the personal, looking to a particular person or thing to give you whatever you're hoping for. The real gift is not what the person has to offer but the abstract. I had been right about meeting my friend who is a poet and actor but not the way I had expected. Instead of meeting him I had been given the abstract: art, theatre, poetry, and friendship. Only the Infinite/God/Love can give one the abstract.

While I consider myself a writer the gifts I really have to offer are abundance, beauty, being, creativity, freedom, friendship, goodness, grace, harmony, imagination, infinity, inspiration, joy, life, light, limitlessness, love, magic, oneness, originality, peace, perfection, power, presence, radiance, reality, simplicity, spirit, truth, uniqueness, wealth, wholeness, wisdom, wonder and so much more.

Thank you Universe for your infinite gifts of Love.

With love,

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