Wednesday, 5 July 2006

An Fear Gorm

In a piece called Going With the Flow, I shared how I met this Irish gentleman who invited me round his place to show me his books.

Here's an interesting titbit he shared:

My friend said the Gaelic for the "devil" is "an fear dubh" (pronounced "on far duv.") However, the Gaelic for "a black man" is also "an fear dubh." Out of respect for black people, they use the term "an fear gorm" instead (pronounced "on far goram") which means "the blue man."

When I was at college I was on the committee of the African-Caribbean society. Because we catered for all black students regardless of what part of the world they came from, we couldn't agree whether we should identify ourselves as Black, Africans, African-Caribbean or Pan-Africans. We kept changing the society's name every few months which must have pissed off the student union. The Irish makes things so much easier, we are not black, we are blue.

Just as well I know that I am not a body, I am Light.