Monday, 17 July 2006


In a previous article called Self-Acceptance, I wrote that I considered the computer screen to be a physical manifestation of my real Self because It accepts whatever I throw at it without condemnation or judgment. Self, like the computer screen, is free of concepts, beliefs, opinions and rules. This is what I'm referring to as emptiness.

In truth, the whole universe is emptiness. It is us humans that try to fill the emptiness with our beliefs, judgments and expectations. Filling the emptiness is an impossible and futile dream however because it is the nature of the Universe to be emptiness.

Let's take the Internet as another example of emptiness. It is the nature of the Internet to accept infinite ideas without judgment. I repeat, the Internet doesn't care how you use it. It is humans that have made up rules about how to use it. The Internet knows nothing about morality. Morality is a human construct based on human beliefs and rules.

Similarly, television is emptiness. Television cannot censor itself, it will show whatever you project on to it without judgment. Humans censor according to beliefs and expectations.

Money is emptiness. Do you think money has any judgments on how you spend it? Do you seriously think money cares about how you come by it? Money is free of beliefs and values; it is humans that have created judgments about what money should be used for and how much it should be worth.

My real body is emptiness, a blank canvas that accepts all experiences without judgment. It is I who hold judgments that it should behave and appear in a particular way because of what I put in it or how I treat it. My judgments, beliefs, and expectations are dreams and these dreams appear to come to life as a body image others sharing the dream perceive as a form. The dream image is a counterfeit, a poor representation of my real body. While the counterfeit version is on show, my real body that is without form and concepts, appears to be hidden. But I know it exists as light. Then again "light" is another attempt at defining the indefinable.

It's time to come clean. The stories I share about love, peace, joy and beauty are largely influenced by how I've been wired as a human and have nothing to do with reality. I am reminded of an episode of StarTrek Voyager called Demon.

"As Voyager [the ship] runs dangerously low on fuel, Seven of Nine discovers a Class-Y planet containing a high concentration of deuterium. Unfortunately, it is also called a demon planet because of its toxic atmosphere. When an attempt to transport deuterium to the ship results in an explosion, Kim and Paris volunteer to mine the fuel on the surface. They wear environmental suits, but Kim's protection is compromised when he falls into a pool of metallic compound. As Kim's oxygen rapidly depletes, Paris' suit also fails, and both men collapse before they can reach their shuttle." Demon

While both men are unconscious, the metallic compound creates duplicates of Harry and Kim including duplicates of their memories and experiences. However, the duplicates don't realise they are copies. The duplicates return to the ship only to discover that they are unable to breathe oxygen and can only breathe the toxic atmosphere from the Class-Y planet. The crew finally discover the real Kim and Paris unconscious on the planet and rescue them. In one scene, the duplicate Kim is waxing lyrical about the beauty of the planet while Seven-of-Nine, one of the crew members, simply sees the planet as a combination of different chemicals with no aesthetic quality.

While it's fun to experience the human dream I never forget that all is emptiness.

I am emptiness.


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