Thursday, 27 July 2006

Be Like a Chair

Life is a chair. By "life" I don't mean the human experience, I'm referring to the one life that is taking infinite forms.

A chair is both form and formlessness.

Chairs come in many forms: with backs, backless; with arms, armless; with wheels, without wheels; and in myriads of colours, shapes and sizes. All chairs share the one purpose - to give support.

A chair is formlessness because it is its nature to be impersonal. It doesn't matter to a chair what your gender, race, nationality, sexuality, philosophy, beliefs, thoughts, emotions, qualifications, class, social status, religion, etc; nor does it matter if you fart on it...the chair will always support you within reason, as long as you're not built like an elephant. (I can't imagine many elephants wanting to sit on chairs though).

Right now I'm having a human experience. As a human I have taken on a form, a structure, just like a chair. As a structure, I appear as a black woman of a certain height and weight with certain interests.

Within spiritual circles the ego is regarded as the enemy you must defeat at all costs. What is this ego? The ego is only a structure, just like a chair is a structure. A chair/structure is a tool Life uses to express one idea of "support." In the same respect my human form is a tool Life is using to express Being. As formlessness, I know myself as the Infinite Self expressing who I am as a black woman. I, therefore, embrace all structures that are enabling me to experience this reality without judgment including being a woman, being black, being in a family, relationships, being a writer, books, the Internet, the Media etc. I also accept all that comes with being a human such as feelings, thoughts and emotions. I accept and love all that I am.

I am form and formlessness.
I am a chair and loving it.


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