Saturday, 15 July 2006

Be Careful What You Love

Yesterday a friend came to mind. I thought about how when he grows a beard his beard reminds me of a lion's mane. I sent him my love.

Later, just as I was about to catch a bus, I spotted an old Routemaster bus, the old-fashioned double-decker with open doors. Over the last few years, all Routemasters have been systematically replaced by modern double-decker types, single-decks and bendy-buses. Only two bus routes now operate the Routemaster on the tourist route. I hopped on the Routemaster and sat downstairs. I was so excited to be riding on it again. The journey was only meant to last about 5 minutes but we got stuck in a traffic jam. Most of the passengers jumped off and walked but I stayed on along with three young girls and a woman, presumably their mother.

My friends told me they were on their way to see The Lion King at a theatre in the west end. Isn't that typical of the Universe? I think of a lion and I meet friends going to see The Lion King? The woman said they only did this once a year as they live in Hong Kong. I wished them a good evening.

I stayed on the bus till the end of the route and I enjoyed every single moment of that journey.

I firmly believe the love I felt for that bus was so great that my journey time got extended so I could love it even more.

Be careful what you love, you might just end up having more of it.