Thursday, 15 June 2006

With Boundaries Yet Boundless

Life seems to be a paradox of boundaries versus boundlessness.

On the one hand I have boundaries. For instance, I would never post my private address on this blog. I have even had to disable the comments field in my blogs because I don't have the time to respond to all the comments. Readers are welcome to send comments to my email address which I always try to respond to.

What appears as my physical body also has boundaries. It stopped growing ages ago though it does rejuvenate itself. Imagine if our bodies never stopped growing. What would life be like? You would seriously only need one person on earth. Before you know it that individual has outgrown earth and spread throughout the galaxy.

On the other hand, the one Infinite Self that is life is without boundaries; Self is boundless. Self has no limits and is unconditioned. This means that Self can appear as infinite forms in infinite ways. If I'm going to identify myself as Self then this must also mean I am boundless.

How does one translate the apparent paradox - having boundaries yet boundless - into the human experience?

Though I have a visible body that is attributable to Enocia, it is not my only body. I have infinite bodies in forms to work through. I also have a formless body that is invisible. Let's say I have an idea of creating a healing centre. As the self called Enocia, I cannot do this on my own; but as Infinite Self, I can work through many forms and bring them all together so we can create the centre.

This blog is another example of the one Self working through many instruments. I, Enocia, did not design the original blog templates, nor did I come up with the idea for the Internet; Self did. Self worked through many instruments to get the Internet going and to create this blog which I am now using. Self then works through many instruments who become part of the stories I share in my blogs. And another thing, though I refer to the blogs as mine, they belong to the Infinite Self.

To recap, the way to be boundless while having a human experience, which has boundaries, is to see all life as part of myself. Put another way, I identify myself not as Enocia the human but Enocia the Infinite Self.

I am Infinite Self.


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