Friday, 16 June 2006

Universal Consciousness

There is only one Power that is undivided. Another name for the one Power is Universal Consciousness.

Imagine you're lying on the beach when a few grains of sand rise up and sit in the palm of your hand. There are 100 in total. You also discover they can speak your language.

Grains of sand: What are you doing on our beach? We demand you leave at once.

You: What do you mean "your beach"?

Grains of sand: This is our beach.

You: How can this be your beach? There are only a hundred of you. One hundred grains of sand does not a beach make.

Grains of sand: But, we are the beach.

You: I don't think so. The beach consists of all the grains of sand here. I tell you what, get all the grains to agree to your proposal and I'll consider it.

Grains of sand: This is only our idea, the others don't share our view.

You: In that case, as far as I'm concerned, you do not exist. You are NOTHING.

The grains of sand slink through your fingers in disgrace.

While you're having a bath later, a few drops of water catch your attention.

Few drops of water: Excuse me, why don't you let us wash you?

You: You're only a few drops of water. What can you do?

Few drops of water: We can do a very good job, we assure you.

You: Do you hear how pathetic you sound. As far as I'm concerned you do not exist. You are NOTHING. Now go away and let me enjoy my nice bath in peace.

The drops of water merge into the bath water and are heard of no more.

Universal consciousness is all or nothing.

When you have a universal consciousness you realise that your actions affect not only the human race but all in the universe because all is one. However, when you have a consciousness of being separate you're like the hundred grains of sand demanding to be recognised as a beach. No one is going to recognise you let alone take you seriously.

If you want to be recognised as a beach then include all the grains of sand.

If you want to be recognised as a bath of water then include the limitless drops of water than make up the whole.

If you want your actions to matter, then see all as part of you. Otherwise, you're a lone voice crying in the dark, a NOTHING.

All is One.