Thursday, 29 June 2006

This is Your Life!

I used to watch the British version of This is Your Life on television hosted first by Eamon Andrews then later by Michael Aspel.

"The format of the show was simple: the host would ambush a celebrity or public figure, present them with a 'red book', and then conduct a biography of them in a television studio. The guest would be presented with family members and old friends, reunited with old acquaintances, and often shed a tear when a personal tragedy was recounted."

I would marvel at how successful these celebrities were and wish I could be like them.

Seriously, would I really want to have the life of a celebrity as portrayed on This is Your Life ? Hell no!

The problem with seeing life as your life is you believe you're in control. It's your body, your family, your kids, your job, your pet, your this and your that. When things don't go your way, you consider yourself a failure or you blame others. Even when things seem to be going your way, your perception is only limited to what you believe is possible; you're not open to experience more. Your success attracts like-minded people who put you on a pedestal. You end up on a TV show where you are admired for your achievements.

Life is not mine but God's.

Yeah, yeah, looks good on paper. How come your life, I mean God's life, is not perfect?

You make a good point. Knowing this intellectually is not enough, it's about walking one's talk.

It's no use saying "God, this is your body," then complain about how you are always tired. You have to let God move you. Believe me, it works. The way God moves is completely different from the way I, as the ego, moves. When God is moving the body, it is so relaxed, and the move is effortless. It's like there's nothing there but empty space.

This morning I went to do some grocery shopping. The bags were heavy at first, then I said, "God, this is your shopping." The bags felt light and I was empty space carrying empty space. I still waited for the bus though. Hehe.

You can't say, "God, you are infinite love and everywhere present," and yet you're too scared to walk down the streets at night, or you’re afraid of people. You have to trust in God's love.

God, this is your body, I trust you to sustain it as you see fit.
God, this is your day, I trust you to fill it with blessings.
God, this is your life, you know the score.

"This is the day which the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it." (Psalm 118: 24)

Today, tomorrow and forever, God, this is your life!

With love,

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