Saturday, 24 June 2006

The One "I"

While I was waiting for my bus home, I got talking to this woman. At first I couldn't understand what she was saying as she had a heavy accent, then something clicked, as if a light was switched on. I could now understand her perfectly. She said she only lived a few steps down the road but she had some shopping and it was too far to walk. She talked about how much she missed her father who has recently passed on. I gave her a hug and told her that her father was always with her.

I saw my bus coming and got on with the same woman though we didn't sit together. In the bus was a Sierra Leonean woman speaking in Krio on her mobile friend; She reminded me of an idea I had about how each country has their collective thought system. The British are renowned for complaining about everything; the climate is a reflection of the British mentality. After a few minutes I realised I was on the wrong bus going in the opposite direction from where I wanted to go. So I got off at the next stop, crossed the road, and had to catch two buses to get home.

While it seemed as if I had been on the "wrong" bus, I knew I had been on the right bus all along because the Universal "I" is everywhere present.

I live and have my being in the one "I."


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