Tuesday, 20 June 2006

No Drama

Yesterday, the single deck bus I was on hit a cyclist. By the time the driver and I ran to the scene, the cyclist had got up and was more concerned with his bicycle than anything else. He said he was fine. The driver and eye witnesses kept insisting that the cyclist be sent to the hospital, but the cyclist insisted he didn't want an ambulance; he was OK. He said he was a warrior with supernatural powers and he was perfectly OK. I knew where the driver was coming from. After all, in Divine Love there are no accidents. But it took a while to convince the bus driver as she was really upset.

The bus driver called her superior for advice. The curious thing was they couldn't hear what she was saying. The man on the radio kept asking her to repeat herself. It was as if Divine Love was saying, "There's nothing to report." I held her hand though as she needed support. She also asked me if I could give her my name and address as they wanted a witness. I didn't want to give my private address so I gave her my email instead.

I went back outside to see the cyclist. He assured me he was fine but he was concerned about his bicycle. He walked away with his bicycle beside him.

One passenger said she couldn't believe the man could be hit and not need medical assistance. She said he was probably in shock and it was going to kick in later. I told her the man was perfectly fine now and will be OK. She seemed to accept this and let it go.

After the driver had calmed down, we all got back on board the bus and we were off. Before I got off the bus, I reassured the driver that the cyclist was perfectly OK and to let the incident go. I gave her a hug and told her to be at peace.

Miracles happen when we let go of the drama of cause/effect and trust in Love.


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ps: I never heard from the bus company, which is understandable as nothing really did happen for me to witness.