Wednesday, 21 June 2006

Love is a Fan

One can get really carried away by the wave of city life where you walk really fast, talk really fast, and eat really fast. What's the rush? What would it be like to slow down and let Life move you?

I've just got on a bus. I head upstairs. The right side in front have vacant seats so I sit in front. Aha, now I see why other passengers have avoided this side of the bus, because it's in the sun. Not to worry, I'll be fine

The bus is now stuck in traffic. Just as well someone has left a piece of paper in front. I use it to fan myself. At first I fan myself in rapid movements. Then I close my eyes and rest in silence. I can now feel the rhythm changing of its own accord, as if the paper has taken a life of its own. The rhythm has slowed down considerably. I am no longer fanning myself, I am being fanned. I open my eyes and observe the hand moving in slow motion but effectively: back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.

The bus continues to crawl along. The fan goes back and forth.

A young woman sits beside me. She takes out a piece of paper from her bag and fans herself in short bursts.

In the meantime, the hand is still fanning my face in slow, lazy movements - back and forth.

The bus is still plodding along. The hand doesn't stop fanning until I get to my destination.

When I put the paper down my hand is vibrating.

There is a power that is all around us. It is gentle, soft, nurturing and tender rather like a mother stroking her new-born baby. This power is Infinite Love.

If only we could just surrender to this power and let Her love us in Her own way.

Loving all,

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