Monday, 19 June 2006

Love, the Great Motivator

We all share the one love but our experience of love depends on what you're prepared to give. What you're prepared to give is what motivates you. If what motivates you is personal love for your family, friends, job, music, money, personal interests, then that's how much love you are open to experience. Love gives you the resources that commensurate with your motivation; no more, no less. The Queen is considered to be self-less. Thus, what motivates the Queen is serving the Commonwealth. You could say the Queen's experience of love is as huge as the Commonwealth.

It's a stiflingly hot day. I'm on my way to Richmond Park, my favourite park in London. I am chatting to two women on the bus. They have just come from Kew Gardens where they sat in the shades to keep cool. One asks me where I am headed. I tell her.

"It's a bit of a walk up the hill but it's a nice view at the top," she says.

"Yeah," I say, "the only thing that's motivating me to climb that hill is I intend to gorge myself on blackberries on the way up."

"That sounds lovely. Hopefully, the berries will be out early," the other woman says. "Have you got a bag with you?"

"Yup, I have a carrier bag. I'm going to pick some to take home with me."

We chat until I reach my stop. Both women wish me happy walking and gorging. As I walk up the hill I head for the blackberry bushes but can't find any berries. It must be too early in the season for them. My attention has been so focused on finding berries I have reached the top of the hill in no time. In other words, my love for blackberries has given me so much energy, the walk uphill has been effortless.

A few months back on another walk, I pulled a nerve on my hip or so it felt like. It felt strange having this experience as I'm so used to my walks being effortless. When I got off the bus I prayed for God to get me home. It seemed to take ages to walk the few minutes from the bus station. A young woman standing at the top of my road beckoned me over. She said she was moving to a house in the next road. Could I help her carry her bag? I could have told her I couldn't possibly help because I was in agony. Instead, I trusted I had the resources within me. So I helped her carry her bag. She was lovely to chat to. She had just moved from the other side of London. I walked her to her new home, waited until her new flatmate opened the door, gave her a hug, and wished her well. As for the pain in my hip, it had completely vanished.

No matter what we do, love motivates us. If you want your experience of love to expand then your motivation has to expand.

How motivated are you?