Thursday, 6 July 2006

All's Fair in Love

In a previous article called Field of Possibilities and a Possible Solution for World Peace, I wrote that I was supporting France in the World Cup because I love the French footballer, Thierry Henry.

"May the best team with the best looking player i.e. France, win the World Cup."

I have observed the following during the World Cup:

In the France versus Spain match, after a foul against Thierry and France is awarded a free kick, his team mate, Zidane, scores and gets France to the quarter-final. In the France versus Brazil quarter-final, Thierry scores one of the goals. In the France versus Portugal semi-final last night, again after a foul against Thierry and France is awarded a penalty, Zidane scores the only goal that takes France to the final.

Do you see where I'm going with this?


Do you not see that Thierry Henry's name keeps popping up?

Before the Italy versus Germany semi-final I told my mother Italy was going to beat Germany. How did I know? Because I love the Italian language, that's how? And Italy won.

Conclusion? When you love something, the Universe arranges reality so you get to experience more of what you love.

Je t'aime Thierry Henry!
Vivre La France!


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